British Open 2011

Below are the full results from the open this weekend. Thank you to everyone for taking part, and all the sponsors, and we hope to see you all again soon.

Open Short Boat (HP)

1. Sam Davenport

2. Chris Hobson

3. Jack Horwell

4. Jowan Philips

=5. Andy Hambley

=5. Ed Long

=7. Glyn Brackenbury

=7. Andy McCulloch

9. Andy Howlett

=10. Steve Chivers

=10. Marc Woolward

12. Jon Mount

=13. Denzil Pearce

=13. Dylan Petherick

15. Ben Rogers

16. Andy Wildman

17. Rob Lineham

18. Richard Watson

=19. Glen Scott

=19. Alan Owen

21 James Gossan

22. Emma Wynter

=23. Jodi Harvey

=23. Andrew Hawker

25. Robyn Pearcy


Masters Short Boat (HP)

1. Steve Chivers

2. Andy McCulloch

3. Andy Wildman

4. Marc Woolward

5. Del Elesmore

6. Cedric Wynter

7. Andrew Hawker


Masters long boat (IC)

1. Andy McCulloch

2. Del Elesmore

3. Andrew Hawker


Mens Long Boat (IC)

1. Glyn Brackenbury

2. Chris Hobson

3. Ed Long

4. Aidan Brackenbury

=5. Andy Howlett

=5. Andy McCulloch

=7. Jack Barker

=7. Andy Hambley

9. Barry Hughes

10. Alan Owen

=11. Del Elesmore 

=11. Denzil Pearce

13. Ben Rogers


Junior Short Boat (HP)

1. Dylan Petherick

2. Jack Barker

3. James Gossan

4. Aidan Brackenbury

5. Glen Scott


Junior Long Boat (IC)

1. Aidan Brackenbury

2. Jack Barker

3. Glen Scott

4. James Gossan


Ladies Short Boat (HP)

1. Emma Wynter

2. Robyn Pearcy

3. Jodi Harvey


Ladies Long Boat (IC)

1. Emma Wynter

2. Chris Elesmore

3. Robyn Pearcy






BritishOpen Heats2011-OpenLongboat.pdf BritishOpen Heats2011-OpenLongboat.pdf
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BritishOpen Heats2011-OpenShortboat.pdf BritishOpen Heats2011-OpenShortboat.pdf
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Wednesday, 17th August.
The competition is on for this weekend!
Meet Woolacombe middle beach car park to register 8 to 8.30am.
Entries for the competition are now closed, but you can book in any friends and family to the evening meal at 7.30pm, Cook Island, at £10 each.
We shall check the surf conditions on the day.
Briefing will be at 8.40am.  At the briefing we will announce what time first heats start - this will be anytime from 9.15am. 
At the moment, surf conditions are forecast better for Sunday than for Saturday.
We have about 10 hours surfing time, so we need to use both days. 
Things may change, as weather and surf influence decisions.  However, at the moment, the plan is likely to be all the long boat contests and early rounds of the short boat on Saturday.  This means we can do some prizegiving at the Saturday evening social, and return to complete the short boat events on Sunday.
We have 4 new perpetual trophies:
Masters Short boat
Masters Long boat
Ladies Long boat
Junior short boat.
The other 4 trophies have many names on from years of competition:
Open short
Open long
Junior long
Ladies short
So every class at the British Open now has a trophy up for grabs.
If you win one, you will have surfed very well, be entitled to celebrate, and will be responsible for engraving your name on the trophy and bringing it back next year!
See you on Saturday,
John and Steve
I am sorry to say that with the surf forecast we have, we are postponing the British Open to its reserve date of 20/21 August.
All signs are that it will be very small or perhaps even uncontestable on Saturday, and most likely completely flat on Sunday.  We do not want people to travel to a British Open which we may quite likely find on the day that we cannot run at all.
If you would like your entry to transfer to the advertised reserve date of 20/21 August, there's no need to do anything - you're automatically in.
If you are not available for 20/21 August, let me know before 15 August and we will refund your entry fee.  No refunds will be available from 16th August, as we shall be drawing the first round.
Apologies to everyone for any disruption of your travel and home plans.  Let's hope for some swell in a few weeks.
If you're not already entered but you would like to do so with the new date now, entries are now open again until end of 15th August. 
Open short, open long, masters short, masters long, junior short, junior long, ladies short, ladies long.  2 classes maximum.
Email with name, bcu number, which classes you would like to enter, and press the "Donate" button on to pay £26 for one class or £38 for two classes.  Meal included.  Extra evening meals for non-competitors £10.
Steve Chivers, Glyn Brackenbury, John Watson
The British Open Surf Kayak Championships 2011 will be held on Middle Beach, Woolacombe, North Devon.
Entry fees are set to cover experienced judges to support us throughout the weekend.  This leaves you free to prepare and compete, and to enjoy the social weekend at the beach.
For any class with 6 or more competitors, everyone will surf 2 or more heats.  No immediate knockouts!
Any class with 5 or less competitors will go straight to a final.  Also, these competitors will be invited to enter a third category (if eligible) for no extra fee, or have their entry fee for the second category refunded.
Heats will be posted on this website shortly before the contest.
Is the event on?
We will check surf conditions during the week before the event, and confirm on this website if the event is on or if it needs to be postponed to the reserve date.
We will do this on the Tuesday or Wednesday if conditions are easily predicted, or by Thursday evening at the latest.
Saturday morning
Meet at Middle Beach, Woolacombe. 
Directions:  go to Woolacombe, turn left before you hit the sea, up the hill to a carpark. 
There are toilets at this carpark, but no cafe or shops.
Register from 8am.  Briefing 8.30am.  First heat 9am.
Saturday evening
Cook Island restaurant is supporting the event and is the venue for the Saturday evening meal and films.  The evening meal is included in the entry fee for competitors.  Evening meals can be bought for non-competitors - see the entry form below.
If you have any good surf films, please let us know in advance and then bring them along.
Expect the contest to run into Sunday.  However, as always this depends on numbers entered and surf conditions.
If we can comfortably finish the main contest on the Saturday, we will do so. 
If we do finish the main contest on the Saturday, we may use the Sunday for an Expression Session if conditions are good, or some other fun event.
For any categories completed during Saturday, prizegiving will be at Cook Island in the evening.
For categories completed during Sunday, prizegiving will be at the beach, immediately following the contest.
Rules, safety and specifications
The event will be run to World Surf Kayak Association rules. These can be found at and include boat specification, judging criteria, age categories etc.  In particular, all boats must have flotation bag or full foam, and end-tapes.  Competitors are expected to make decisions on the day suited to their abilities and surf conditions, and with safety of themselves and others in mind.
Camping and Overnight
The closest camping to the pub is at Mullacott Farm Campsite, which is within walking distance. If you have a campervan you are welcome to stay in it in the Cook Island car park, but please be concious of other customers wishing to use the facility.
Info and contact
The event is being organised by Steve Chivers and John Watson.
If you are able to join our sponsors by donating prize(s), all offers will be gratefully received.  Sponsors will be credited here and at the event, and in results and reports.  If you would like to help, please get in touch with Steve or John.
British Open 2011 information will continue to be updated on this website
Thanks to the event sponsors and supporters: