Thanks to everyone for helping Mr Mullet's Surf Classic provide us with an enjoyable day on Saturday.


The friends and companies supporting the event by making it happen and providing prizes: 

The Thatch and Billy Budds  -

Putsborough for allowing us to hold the contest on their beautiful beach -

Kyle Chivers, for posters and certificates - and for managing entries and the contest on the day

Palm equipment for prizes -

AS Watersports for prizes -

St Austell brewery for prizes.

And special thanks to Steve for hosting our meal at the end of the day back at Billy Budds.


We covered all the main costs, and a small surplus goes back into efforts supporting the England Surf Kayak Team. 

Congratulations to Juniors Jack Davies, Torran James and Jack Williams.  As their first involvement with the England Team, they are offered a free place on the coaching and surfing weekend , where they'll receive some coaching with other participants and be surfing alongside Team paddlers.  It's an event open to all, and entries are now open at the website address above. 


Thanks from everyone to the judges Rew, Robin and Kyle - having a team of judges all day provides consistency, and means everyone can focus on their surfing and enjoy the day as a social event too.


Results below.

Thank you for coming to play!


Ladies Shortboat

1  Emma Fishleigh

2  Rachel Wall

3  Jo Sidwell


Masters Long boat

1  Gary Adcock

2  Andy McCullough

3  Del Elesmore

4  Mark Whittington

5  Andy Bailey


Masters Short boat

1  Steve Chivers

2  Gary Adcock

3  Del Elesmore

4  Andy McCullough

5  Andy Bailey

6  Rich Berry

7  Andrew Hawker

8  John Woods

9  Jo Sidwell



1  Tom Thornton

2  Steve Chivers

3  James Hawker

4  Chris Skardon

5  Richard Whittaker

6  Gibson Barclay

7  Lee Griffith

8  Pete Thorn


Open, Short boat

1  Paul Robertson

2  James Hawker

3  Aidan Brackenbury

4  Philip Watson

5=  Glyn Brackenbury

5=  Jack Barker

7=  Pete Blenkinsop

7=  Ed Long

9    Rich Berry

10=  Emma Fishleigh

10=  Torran James

10=  Jack Davies

13=  Denzil Pearce

13=  Andrew Hawker

13=  John Woods

16=  Robert Maddock

16=  Rachel Wall

16=  Jo Sidwell

19=  Richard Whittaker

19=  Jack Williams


Open, Long boat

1  Aidan Brackenbury

2  Jack Barker

3  Philip Watson

4  Pete Blenkinsop

5=  Glyn Brackenbury

5=  Paul Robertson

7=  Del Elesmore

7=  Emma Fishleigh

9=  Rob Maddock

9=  Andy McClelland

11=  Ed Long

11=  Gary Adcock

13=  Mark Whittingham

13=  Rachel Wall

15=  Denzil Pearce

15=  Andy Bailey


Heritage Classic, Sunday

Thank you to all who took part in the Heritage Classic and provided the entertainment!

The Roll of Honour for Heritage 2014 is:

Steve Chivers  Denzil Pearce  Paul Robertson  Emma Fishleigh  Rich Berry  Pete Blenkinsop  Chris Skardon  Tom Thornton  Rob Maddock  Pete Thorn  Gibson Barclay  Gareth Evans  Jack Davies  Del Elesmore  Andy McCullough  Torran James  Jo Sidwell  Rachel Wall.

Classic2014-RunningOrder&Heritage.pdf Classic2014-RunningOrder&Heritage.pdf
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Classic2014-MastersShort&Ski.pdf Classic2014-MastersShort&Ski.pdf
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Classic2014-ShortboatOpenLadiesJunior.pdf Classic2014-ShortboatOpenLadiesJunior.pdf
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Billy Budds and Mr Mullet’s Surf Classic 2014, ESK Ranking event 3  


The competition is on! 

Check in for Kayaks is 8 to 8.25am at Putsborough beach. 

Check in for Waveskis is by 12.30pm - the competition will be during the afternoon.

First heat starts 8.40am.  A prompt start will help us get the most of the time around high tide. 

Heats will be 12 minutes (unless advised differently on the day).  

Bring your BCU / WCA / bwsa card or buy temp membership.

Every competitor must have third party liability insurance for taking part in the competition. Either:

1.  Show your current BCU/BWSA membership card at check in; or

2.  Pay £6 online to sks for single event BCU membership before Friday 1pm; or £10 on the day.

Complete check-in and we'll give you a voucher for a burger at our main sponsors - Billy Budds in Croyde.  It's the meeting place for a social in the evening - just call in for your burger or stay all evening.  

Please help us get the event started on time by making check-in quick and easy.


Competitors are expected to make decisions on the day suited to their abilities and surf conditions, and with safety of themselves and others in mind.   This is during summer holiday - swimmers in the water always have priority.

Kayaks:  Buoyancy aid or impact vest with British Standard rating of 50N, and helmet, to be worn.  Full foam, bulkhead or airbags in back of boat, some flotation in front.  End tails fitted, no loops.

Skis:  As per BWSA rules.  Helmets required, no b/a's.


20 people in the Short boat class, 12 in the Long boat, 8 Masters Short boat.  Everyone will surf 2 or more heats.  No immediate knockouts!

The Final for 3 Juniors Shortboat, will also entitle them to go into the Open Shortboat reps if they wish.

The Final for 3 Ladies Shortboat, will also entitle them to go into the Open Shortboat reps if they wish.

The Final for 4 Masters Longboat, will also entitle them to go into the Open Longboat reps if they wish.

(This gives the Juniors, Ladies and Masters more paddling time than just a straight final.)

7 Ski entries.  Everyone surfs at least twice.  We'll run it in the afternoon - check in at lunchtime to save you waiting all day.

Heats and a provisional running order will be shown on the sks website by Thursday evening.

We aim to complete the main ranking contest on the Saturday. Prizegiving is at the beach, straight after the last Final.

Heritage Classic

There are 16 Heritage Classic entries.  We shall consider running this after Prizegiving on the Saturday - if there's time, if conditions are good, and we'll have everyone from the day still around.  Or we'll meet 10am Sunday as previous years.  Decision announced during Saturday.

Judging and running to time

We have some judges arranged, so that many competitors will be free to enjoy the day surfing, competing and socialising.

However, if we need to, competitors may be asked to judge / help with flags for a short time - like at other events but much less.

It is still your responsibility to know when your Heat is on, and things do change on the day sometime - please keep an eye on the Heatlists and results board.  Please help us keep moving things along, so everyone enjoys the day - thank you.

Newcomers and Regulars

I think everyone entered this year has been to a similar event.  Here’s a summary of how it all works, but please ask if we can help.  Enjoy your surfing and the good company on and off the water.

How it all works:

Each Heat has between 3 and 5 paddlers, each wearing different coloured bibs.

Each Heat lasts a set time (probably 12 minutes, we’ll announce it at the start of the day).

Judges watch each heat and score each competitor’s waves. 

You can catch 10 waves maximum.  Your best two waves added together count for your result.

Normal surf etiquette applies – no dropping in, swimmers at the beach have priority etc.

Red flag displayed – we are between heats

Green flag – the Heat is on

Yellow flag – 5 mins to go in this Heat;  paddlers in next Heat paddle out (but not catch waves).

Red flag – Heat finished, paddlers come in.  Paddlers in the next Heat watch for green flag.

(If the Red flag is displayed crossed during a heat – competition stopped to sort out a problem).

Results are displayed at a central location.  Find out when you’re on next.  The heat order and times sometimes change so check every now and again.


There are toilets and a café at the carpark.

There is no camping, but camper vans can park up -

There are several campsites around Croyde – search or see tourist information.


Saturday evening 

Billy Budd’s in Croyde. 

A voucher for a burger evening meal is included in the entry fee for competitors.  

Entries now closed. Thanks to all those who've entered. More details to follow soon....

 Surf Kayak Classic incorporating England Surf Kayak Ranking event #3,

Putsborough, North Devon -  5/6 July 2014.

Surf Kayak Classic

Mr Mullet welcomes you once more, to the event:

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...... Puts is back! Some of the Countries finest surf  pilots battle it out on Saturday for the opportunity to win great prizes from our event sponsors, and the glory of surviving the mighty "Puts", and on the Sunday retro rounds of Heritage surf gear, if it's old, it's on.”


Putsborough Sands – read all about it here:


Entries are in advance only, to be completed and paid by of 30th June. 

Heats will be posted on this website shortly before the contest.

Is the event on?

We will check surf conditions during the week before the event, and confirm on this website if the event is on or if it needs to be postponed to a reserve date.

We will do this on the Tuesday or Wednesday if conditions are easily predicted, or by Thursday evening at the latest.

Saturday – ESK ranking event

Kayaks Register from 8am.  Briefing 8.30am.  First heat 9am.  Bring your BCU membership card. Governing body membership is essential to cover the insurance needs of the event, if you aren't a member or don't have your card please buy the temporary membership option at checkout. 

Ski registration later in the day, for an afternoon start.

There are toilets and a café at the carpark.

We aim to complete the main ranking contest on the Saturday. However, as always this depends on numbers entered and surf conditions – it may run over to the Sunday.

Saturday evening

A voucher for a burger at Croyde's best venue is included in the entry fee for competitors.  There are no additional vouchers for non-competitors on sale this year - it will be easy to buy over the bar at the same place.  Venue advised on the day.

Sunday – Heritage Surf Classic

Early Sunday is left for any final rounds from the Saturday competition.

Starting mid-morning Sunday is the Heritage Surf Classic.  Bring surf and kayak gear from days gone by, from your garage or garden, or found through ebay.  We’re aiming for a fun and social meet and comp, with some classic old kit and classic (new or old) people! 

Any other events for Sunday will be announced on Saturday evening.


For any categories completed during Saturday, prize giving will be at the beach, at the end of the day.

For categories completed during Sunday, prize giving will be at the beach, immediately following the contest.

Rules, safety and specifications

The event will be run to World Surf Kayak Association rules. These can be found at and include boat specification, judging criteria, age categories etc.  In particular, all boats must have flotation bag or full foam, and end-tapes.  Competitors are expected to make decisions on the day suited to their abilities and surf conditions, and with safety of themselves and others in mind.

Waveskis wear helmets but no b/a's.

Camping and Overnight

There is no camping at Putsborough Sands, but camper vans can park up, charges are shown on  .

There are several campsites around Croyde – search or see tourist information.

Info and contact

If you are able to join our sponsors by donating prize(s), all offers will be gratefully received.  Sponsors will be credited before and at the event, and in results and reports.  If you would like to help, please get in touch with Steve.

Information will continue to be updated on this website   

Enquiries:     and   for entries.